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Help:Sort keys

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This is an enforced policy on Fire Emblem Wiki. This means that this page details the standard that all editors are expected to follow. To suggest any changes to this policy, please refer to the talk page.

This page discusses what to do with sort keys.

Extended Latin alphabet and special characters

For the most part, the rule is "ignore diacritics, even if the source language considers it a separate letter". Any German umlauts that appear in English Fire Emblem games should be sorted as if there were no umlaut, and should not be sorted as "vowel + e". Æ, œ, and ß should be sorted as if they were spelled as two separate letters ("ae", "oe", and "ss"), and þ should be sorted as "th".

For the most part, punctuation should remain intact. However, & should be sorted as "and". Additionally, names with O' should be sorted without the apostrophe (e.g. O'Neill should be sorted as Oneill).

If you are still unsure, consult the following table. Not all of these actually appear in English Fire Emblem games, but they are included here to be future-proof. This table covers most Western European languages (all of the letters from ISO/IEC 8859-1 and ISO/IEC 8859-15).

Character Replacement
à a
æ ae
ç c
ð d
Character Replacement
è e
ì i
ñ n
Character Replacement
ó o
œ oe
š s
ß ss
Character Replacement
ù u
ý y
ž z
þ th
& and


Real people should be sorted by "Family name, Given name", but only in Category:People, so type [[Category:People|Family name, Given name]] at the bottom. Fictional characters whose family names are in their article titles (such as the characters from Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE) should still be sorted normally, however.

Roman numerals should be sorted as the equivalent Arabic numeral.

If a page is the primary subject of a category, sort it as a space in that category (e.g. on "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon", put [[Category:Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon| ]] at the bottom).

For categories where most pages will have the same prefix, omit that prefix in said category. For example, list articles should be sorted in Category:Lists without the leading "List of". This does not apply for every single case.

Oftentimes, single digit game numbers should be given a leading 0 in categories.

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