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Redirects are pages that, when linked to, send the user to another page instead. These are generally used for common misspellings of article titles, common fan translation names of characters whose games have not had official English releases, or in cases where two different spellings of a name have been used for the same object in different games (e.g. Deghinsea in Path of Radiance becoming Dheginsea in later games). Linking to redirects is generally discouraged within articles, where accuracy and consistency is key. Instead, the main purpose of redirects is to link users to the correct pages from locations over which the wiki has no control (i.e. external sites, the search bar, etc.).

Creating redirects

To create a redirect, first check to see if one is necessary. To do so, manually go to the page using your browser's address bar (i.e.<incorrect title>). If you reach the page you were looking for, a redirect is not needed. If not, begin creating the page as normal. Its only content will be:

#REDIRECT[[<correct title>]]

Do not add any other content (aside from categories where necessary), or else the redirect will not work.

When a redirect is necessary

Redirects may be needed in cases such as these:

  • Common misspellings (e.g. "Ax Knight" for "Axe Knight")
  • Objects whose names have changed between games, or names used in official media that have since been superseded. Usually, the more recent English name should be used. (e.g. Deghinsea in Path of Radiance becoming Dheginsea in later games)
  • Abbreviations (e.g. "FE11" for "Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon")
  • Titles that differ between US and PAL English translations (e.g. "Shiida", the name used for Caeda in the PAL region)
  • Capitalization differences that do not go to the correct title otherwise (e.g. "Sacred stones" for "Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones")
  • Names used in the primary fan translations for characters with no official English names (e.g. "Erin" for Ferry)
  • Official romanized forms of characters' Japanese names (e.g. "Siglud" for Sigurd)
  • The names used in the Fire Emblem Heroes "Choose Your Legends" poll

Do not create redirects in these cases:

  • Uncommon misspellings (e.g. "Fire Embelm" for "Fire Emblem")
  • Nonsensical titles (e.g. "Zigludo-chan")
  • Links to external sites; these are a potential source of confusion for viewers, as they give no notice that they are being linked to a different site than Fire Emblem Wiki

Double redirects

A double redirect is when a redirect points to another redirect, thus causing the redirect to fail. These usually occur when a page is moved, and the user performing the move fails to change any existing redirects to point to the new title. Double redirects should always be avoided. Be sure to check the list of redirects pointing to a page when performing a move (accessed via the "What links here" link in the sidebar). To check for double redirects in order to help fix them, please see Special:DoubleRedirects.

Broken redirects

A broken redirect is a redirect that points to a page that does not exist. Broken redirects may occur if the target page is deleted, or if the target page is moved, and its old title not retained as a redirect. If you find a broken redirect, you may either edit it to point to a valid page, or, if it is no longer useful, mark it for deletion using {{delete}}. To see a list of broken redirects, please see Special:BrokenRedirects.

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