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Images are a common feature on many pages on a wiki. Used correctly, they can greatly improve the appearance and usefulness of an article. Before an image is used on the wiki, it must be uploaded. This page will explain the correct method for uploading and using an image on Fire Emblem Wiki.

Uploading images

  1. Go to Special:Upload.
  2. For "Source filename", click "Browse". Find the image you wish to upload, and double-click on it. Its location on your hard drive should appear in the box under "Source filename". Verify that this is the correct image with the thumbnail that appears.
  3. Add a suitable filename under "Destination filename". Make sure that this is within the wiki's naming standards, and relevant to the image.
  4. Add a short description of the file under "Summary". For example, for artwork of Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening, the comment "Artwork of Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening" is sufficient. Also, specify the image's source where applicable.
  5. Add a suitable category to your image's summary. A list of appropriate categories can be found here.
  6. Select a suitable licensing template under "Licensing". For more information, see here.
  7. Click "Upload file".
  8. And you're done! You can now use your image anywhere on Fire Emblem Wiki.

Using images

The MediaWiki software does not permit usage of the <img> HTML element. This means that any image you may wish to use on Fire Emblem Wiki must first be uploaded to the wiki as described above. To use an image in an article, simply link to it as you would link to an article:

[[File:File name.png]]

This will make the image appear in its full size. To reduce the size of an image, specify your desired size in a parameter within the link. For example, to set it to 200px:

[[File:File name.png|200px]]

Floating an image left, right or center can be achieved in another parameter.

[[File:File name.png|left]]

To enclose an image in a frame, use "frame" as follows.

[[File:File name.png|frame]]

To allow users to specify the maximum size the image can appear at, use "thumb". This will also enclose the image in a frame. Aligns to the right by default.

[[File:File name.png|thumb]]

Anything not recognized as an attribute applicable to images will appear when an image is hovered over, and in the cases of "frame" and "thumb", as a caption. Aligns to the right by default.

[[File:File name.png|This appears when you hover over an image]]

The above can be combined to apply multiple attributes to an image. However, do not combine "frame" and "thumb", or "thumb" and an image size.

[[File:File name.png|thumb|left|This appears as a caption]]

To link to an image instead of loading it into an article, use the following syntax:

[[:File:File name.png|This appears instead of the file name]]

Attributing image sources and copyright details

Every image needs a license template. These templates specify the applicable copyright or licensing details to an image. You should also state your source under "Summary". This can be done by providing the URL of the image's original location, or if it is your own work, by stating "This image is my own work". More information can be found here.

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