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Fire Emblem Wiki:Quality standards

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This is a page about Fire Emblem Wiki's article and image quality standards. It is still possible that new quality standards will be added.

Article quality

When creating an article, there are several things that are required for the article to be considered complete and acceptable. Below are our regulations and expectations for well-written articles.

General article standards

  • An article must have enough information. It should have complete information in all sections and accurately and completely describe the article's topic. Incomplete and/or short articles are called stubs, which are articles with little actual content.
  • Grammar and spelling are vital for a page. If a page has poor grammar, please use Template:GrammarSpelling. This will automatically place the page into a special category which users can access in order to improve these pages.
  • Citation will be needed to properly verify the article is, indeed, showing correction information. Articles with little to no citations will not be allowed for Featured Article status.
  • Most pages should be placed into categories to ensure organization; that is, categorizing articles will help users find articles and generally keep the wiki neat.
  • There should be only one page for a certain subject. For example, there should not be a Lyn and a Lin page; redirect the unnecessary page to the properly named article (in this case, Lyn and not Lin). See Help:Redirects on how to redirect pages. Similar but separate pages can be merged if determined by majority vote. See Help:Merging for details on merging.
    • Alternate names for characters, such as "Renaud" for "Renault", should be mentioned in the article, but not regularly used.

Wanted pages

  • A wanted page is a page that has been linked to, but currently does not exist, and are listed at Special:WantedPages. Currently, there are hundreds of wanted pages of different subjects - characters, chapters, items, etc.
  • Only link to pages that are relevant to Fire Emblem and important enough to warrant a page, such as Dragonstone or Fire Emblem (item). An article called "stone" is irrelevant and also not specific enough, but "Sacred Stone" and "Dragonstone" are relevant.
  • Before creating a wanted page, try to ensure that the page's title is the correct spelling, such as "Lyn" instead of "Lynn" or "Lin". Redirect misspellings to the correct spelling, and correct any incorrect links.
  • Do NOT create wanted pages by making stubs. If you create a wanted page, at least try to write a complete article instead of a stub.


  • Everything on Fire Emblem Wiki should be written in American English, aside from Japanese names for games and items. For example, instead of "colour", write "color"; British English should be avoided.
  • Articles should be complete, with the length depending on the article. Some pages can be relatively short, such as weapon triangle, but others, such as Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones, should be much longer. Stubs should be marked with Template:Stub; whether or not an article is a stub is sometimes debatable, but usually clear.
  • Try to write articles with the same layout as the others. For example, character pages, such as Eirika and Ike, should have similar sections and templates to each other.


  • All uploaded images should have identified sources and descriptions.
  • All images from Nintendo, Intelligent Systems and associated companies should be tagged with Template:Copyright.
  • All images should be placed in every applicable image category.
  • File extensions for all images should be lowercase. (.png instead of .PNG)
  • The preferred file extension for all still images is .png, for animations, .gif.
  • Fan art may only be used on user pages, and is never appropriate for use on any of the wiki's articles.
  • All images should have transparent backgrounds, unless there is a given reason for a solid background. Any images uploaded with a solid background need to have their background removed.
  • All images should be of acceptable quality. Blurry or pixellated images are unacceptable, as well as abnormally sized images. If an image does not meet an acceptable level of quality, it will be either deleted or replaced.

Copyrighted content or content from other sources

  • Do not copy from Wikipedia or another Fire Emblem based wiki (including the Fire Emblem Wiki on Wikia). That is considered theft. That means not copying word for word. Even if you change a few words, if it matches up mostly, the page will be taken down.
  • Do not link to copyright Fire Emblem media, such as manga, the anime, etc. This is against federal law and can result in your being blocked or banned from the wiki.
  • See Fire Emblem Wiki:Copyright for more details.