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Fire Emblem Wiki:File deletion policy

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This is a proposed policy on Fire Emblem Wiki. This is not yet fully enforced; nonetheless, its details should not be ignored. Please check the talk page for ongoing discussions on this policy.

The vast majority of images you may wish to upload will be perfectly acceptable. However, if an image violates any of the following conditions, it will be deleted.

Copyright violation
  • Images which have been stolen from another site without the original owner's permission and/or proper attribution and licensing will be deleted, as this constitutes violation of copyright.
Duplicated file
  • Images that are duplicates of another file on the wiki will be deleted, as there is no need to have two copies of the same image. The image of higher quality will be kept, or if the two files are of identical quality, the image already in use will be retained.
  • If an image is replaced by one of superior quality, the inferior image will be deleted when all references to it are removed.
  • Pornographic, spam, racist, and similarly offensive images will be taken down without notice.
Irrelevant to Fire Emblem
  • Images that can have no appropriate usage on Fire Emblem Wiki will more than likely be removed. These can include, but are not limited to, images intended for use in custom signatures, personal images not in use on a user page, and images only used in articles outside of Fire Emblem Wiki's coverage policy.
Uploader request
  • If the image's original uploader requests its removal, the image may be deleted.
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