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Fire Emblem Warriors pre-release information

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Like many games, Fire Emblem Warriors received promotional coverage in the lead up to release; it was primarily shown in the form of streams and interviews in magazines like Famitsu. In Japan the game received a steady stream of character reveals. Outside of Japan the game received somewhat less lively promotion, with character trailers uploaded to Nintendo's English social media shortly after their Japanese reveals. The game does not differ wildly from its pre-release materials.

Pre-release history

Initial reveal (January 12, 2017-January 18, 2017)

Pre-release screenshot from the reveal teaser, featuring Chrom and Falchion.

The game was first announced at Nintendo's Switch live stream on January 12 2017. Accompanying the announcement was a very short teaser trailer. The teaser shown teased Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening, as well as weapons from Fire Emblem Fates including Yato, Siegfried, Raijinto, and both Chrom- and Marth-era Falchion. The teaser also featured an object resembling the Binding Shield.

During the Treehouse stream the day after an unprecedented Fire Emblem Direct was announced to occur on the 18th of January 2017 at 2PM PT/5PM ET. Nintendo of America's twitter also mentioned the Direct after its reveal on the stream. The day before the Direct both Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of Europe officially announced the Fire Emblem Direct as well, confirming the Direct as a simultaneous international Direct. The Treehouse stream confirmed that Fire Emblem Warriors would be present in the Direct. Nintendo of Japan also confirmed that the Direct would feature information on the Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Warriors was shown along with Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in the Direct. Very little was shown, with the footage shown only being a short extension of the teaser shown in the Switch livestream. Some gameplay of Chrom fighting enemies was shown but no other info was given.

Famitsu coverage (May 15, 2017-September 28, 2017)

Rowan and Lianna's revealing in Famitsu.

After the game's initial reveal early in 2017 no information was provided until Famitsu's, a Japanese gaming magazine, coverage started in May, roughly five months later. Famitsu's coverage primarily covered character reveals and gameplay mechanics reveals.

In the 2017-06-15 edition of Famitsu, Rowan, Lianna, and Marth were revealed to be playable, along with new screenshots featuring the characters.[1] Character info was given for the twins and their home country and family.

On June 28th 2017 Famitsu revealed the box art of the limited edition, accidentally revealing Lissa, Robin, and Lucina on the game's box art.[2] Shortly afterwards the box art image was removed from Famitsu's website. These three characters, with the addition of Frederick were officially revealed shortly afterwards on July 5th 2017.[3]

On August 1st the official Famitsu website previewed the coverage of Cordelia and the female version of Robin as playable characters. Famitsu also revealed and discussed the presence of the Classic and Casual modes as well as mechanics like bonus damage and the weapon triangle.[4]

On September 5th Famitsu confirmed Elise and Sakura as in the game. The issue also mentions class change.[5] History Mode and the presence of skills were also revealed in the issue.[6]

Miscellaneous coverage and updates

The Japanese official website went up on June 1 2017, shortly after the start of coverage of the game in Famitsu. The official Japanese twitter also went live at around this time.[7]

Fire Emblem Warriors appeared at E3 on June 13th with a trailer revealing female Corrin, Xander and Ryoma. Later in the day the Nintendo Treehouse game play stream warriors was featured. amiibo for Chrom and Tiki were shown at the end of the Warriors segment, though they do not belong to a Fire Emblem Warriors specific amiibo line.[8]

On June 14 2017 the Japanese special editions were revealed.[9]

On June 30th the official Warriors twitter hosted a poll allowing voters to choose which support conversation they want previewed.[10] The choices were Marth x Chrom, Rowan x Lianna, Ryoma x Chrom, and Corrin x Xander; the Marth-Chrom conversation gained the most votes and a clip of it was later uploaded to the Twitter account.[11]

On July 9 2017 a Nintendo representative at the French Japan Expo tentatively confirmed that the game would have both Japanese and English audio.[12] It should be noted that this conflicted with English trailers stating that the game would only have English voice acting. The final release does have voice language options, though Japanese voices must be downloaded, for free, from the Game's DLC menu.

On August 4th the official Fire Emblem Warriors Twitter teased that a female rider and male bow-wielder would be revealed later in the month.[13] The Twitter account was presumably teasing the reveal of Camilla or Hinoka and Takumi, who later debuted in a trailer featured at Gamescom on August 22 2017.[14] Said trailer also revealed the game's international release date: October 20 2017. A PAL version of the Limited Edition was also confirmed around this time.[15]

On September 1 2017 Elise was confirmed to appear in the game in a Famitsu livestream.

On September 9 2017 the Tokyo Games Show website confirmed that Fire Emblem Warriors would appear during the event with character and gameplay reveals.[16]

Lyn was revealed in the internationally aired Nintendo Direct on September 13, 2017. Accompanying her reveal was the announcing of the release date of the Chrom and Tiki amiibo, which was October 20, 2017 to accompany the game's international release. In a later interview the Warriors developers mentioned that Lyn was revealed in this fashion due to being a parallel of Marth in the west.[17] Accompanying footage on other social media platforms also accidentally revealed Caeda and Navarre being present in certain cutscenes; they were edited out of the most widely distributed materials though some unedited versions of the video were posted accidentally.[18]

The box art that revealed the several characters early.

Shortly before release on September 25 2017 Fire Emblem Warriors's upcoming DLC was teased.[19]

On September 28 2017, Fire Emblem Warriors's release day, Anna, and thus the final character in the base game, had her character trailer uploaded to Nintendo's social media outlets.[20]

Full roster leak (September 12 2017)

On September 12 2017 Spanish retailer El Corte Inglés added the PAL English box art of the Limited Edition game to their listings. The limited edition displayed the entire game's roster prominently on the front.[21] The box art was taken down from the website's listings shortly after.

The characters on the box that were not officially announced at the time were Tiki, Caeda, Anna, Celica, and Lyn. While it was not possible to verify as real upon its initial upload, the first clue that it was real was Lyn's sprite from her reveal trailer, that appeared in the Direct shortly after the appearance of this box art, matching the sprite on the Limited Edition. The box art was eventually proven to be real with further character reveals.



Most pre-release screenshots provided in press kits generally featured cutscenes and are not noticeably different from the final game. The vast majority of pre-release screenshots were taken from the Nintendo Switch version with the New Nintendo 3DS release being almost entirely absent from pre-release promotion and gameplay trailers.

Promotional materials


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