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Fire Emblem Warriors

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Fire Emblem Warriors

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English logo and US boxart for the Nintendo Switch release.

Intelligent Systems
Omega Force
Team Ninja



Release date(s)

JPSeptember 28, 2017
NAOctober 20, 2017[1]
EUOctober 20, 2017[2]
AUSOctober 20, 2017
NZOctober 20, 2017


PEGI: 12
USK: 12


Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 3DS



Fire Emblem Warriors (Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム 無双 Fire Emblem Unrivaled) is a Fire Emblem series crossover with the Dynasty Warriors Series. It is Nintendo's second crossover title with Dynasty Warriors, with the first being Hyrule Warriors. It was released on both the Nintendo Switch and the New Nintendo 3DS systems in Fall 2017.

This crossover features a cast of Fire Emblem characters in the gameplay style of Dynasty Warriors.


Some of the game's plot has been revealed in promotional materials.

A known location is the Kingdom of Aytolis, it is the home of Lianna, Rowan, and Yelena. Lianna and Rowan are the twin heirs to the throne, and their mother Yelena is the current queen, with the king having died of illness.

Aytolis is suddenly attacked by monsters of unknown affiliation, and Darios, the crown prince of the nearby allied kingdom of Gristonne comes to the aid of Lianna and Rowan at the request of Yelena.


This game is a Dynasty Warriors spin-off similar to Hyrule Warriors. Warriors games feature hack and slash gameplay of a single player against many enemy units at once in real time. Generally, routing the enemy is not the goal, and win conditions are often things like capturing a number of enemy fortresses or defeating one or more enemy commanders, among other objectives.


Fire Emblem series characters

Most characters will come from Shadow Dragon, Awakening, and Fates. It was also said that not all protagonists will be playable, the reasoning given that otherwise everyone would use a sword.[3]

Original characters

Several characters original to Warriors have also been announced. These characters are the twins Rowan and Lianna, their mother Yelena, and a man named Darios. Rowan and Lianna are playable, though Yelena and Darios are not.


The game was first announced at Nintendo's Switch live stream on January 12th/13th, 2017. Accompanying the announcement was a very short teaser trailer. The teaser shown teased Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening, as well as weapons from Fire Emblem Fates including Yato, Siegfried, Raijinto, and both Chrom- and Marth-era Falchion. The teaser also features a redesigned Shield of Seals.

During the Treehouse stream the day after an unprecedented, special Fire Emblem Direct was announced to occur on the 18th of January 2017 at 2PM PT/5PM ET. Nintendo of America's twitter also mentioned the Direct after its reveal on the stream. The day before the Direct both Nintendo of Japan and Nintendo of Europe officially announced the Fire Emblem Direct as well, confirming the Direct as a simultaneous international Direct. The Treehouse stream confirmed that Fire Emblem Warriors would be present in the Direct. Nintendo of Japan also confirmed that the Direct would feature information on the Fire Emblem Heroes.

Fire Emblem Warriors was shown along with Fire Emblem Heroes and Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia in the Direct. Very little was shown, with the footage shown only being a short extension of the teaser shown in the Switch livestream. Some gameplay of Chrom fighting enemies was shown.

In the 2017-06-15 edition of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, Rowan, Lianna, and Marth were revealed to be playable, along with new screenshots featuring the characters.[4]

On June 28th 2017 Famitsu revealed the box art of the limited edition, accidentally revealing Lissa, Robin, and Lucina on the game's box art.[5] Shortly afterwards the box art image was removed from Famitsu's website. These three characters, with the addition of Frederick were officially revealed shortly afterwards on July 5th 2017.[6]

On August 1st the official Famitsu website previewed the coverage of Cordelia and the female version of Robin as playable characters.[7]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
English Fire Emblem Warriors Follows consistent crossover naming practice with the Dynasty Warriors series, which is usually "(Series) Warriors". Some parts of the English Warriors fandom also refers to these games colloquially as "(Series) Muso", taking from the Japanese name.
Japanese ファイアーエムブレム 無双 Fire Emblem Unrivaled, following the crossover name pattern of "(Series) Unrivaled".



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