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Fire Emblem Heroes: Heroes' Everyday Lives

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Fire Emblem Heroes
Heroes' Everyday Lives

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The comic series's logo and cover image.




Release date

November 14, 2017

(Japanese: ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 英雄たちの日常 Fire Emblem Heroes Heroes' Everyday Lives) is a weekly Yonkoma manga, or 4koma, comic hosted on Fire Emblem Heroes's Japanese website. It is currently only produced in Japanese and was announced on November 14, 2017 during a Feh Channel.

As it was only announced in that Feh Channel's Japanese broadcast, it can be presumed there are currently no plans to officially translate the comic into English or other non-Japanese languages.


The series consists of short gag comics, as indicated by the title, based on the everyday live of the characters in Heroes.

The first comic features the plight of Cordelia, who wishes to summon Chrom. After several attempts, she becomes disillusioned when Felicia mentions that she and the Summoner had only been summoning from blue orbs instead of red because they matched Chrom's hair color.

The second comic features Feh handing out her daily gifts. Alfonse comments that the new Orb feels warm.

The third comic features Soren demanding that the Summoner stop using Ike so much. The Summoner states that they will after three more battles, and when Soren is outraged he explains that Ike is currently a bonus unit for Tempest Trials.

The fourth comic features Xander and Veronica as the Order of Heroes are about to arrive. However, because she cannot see them, she has Xander let her to climb onto his horse with him.

The fifth comic has Narcian tell Anna that the castle should be upgraded to be more beautiful. Narcian is satisfied with the castles upgrades, but notices Feh stays the same. Narcian then dresses Feh up with colorful feathers, to the annoyance of Feh.

In the sixth comic, Draug is able to move faster with help from Tana's Guidance and Amelia's Armor March, but he suddenly throws up because his body cannot handle the speed.

The seventh comic starts with the masked Marth introducing herself to the summoner. However, when the actual Marth points out that they share the same name, she becomes embarrassed and removes her mask.

The eighth comic once again features the masked Lucina, who asks her father to watch over her and proclaiming that she will save the future. However, Chrom suddenly appears, dressed in his Spring Festival attire, alongside the similarly-dressed Lucina, causing the masked Lucina to start crying.

The ninth comic features the summoner summoning Faye, who immediately asks where Alm is. When the summoner tells her he hasn't been summoned yet, she immediately says that she is leaving; while the summoner begs her not to leave, Tobin and Gray apologize for her behavior.

In the tenth comic, Ogma is training and wishes to become stronger. The summoner knows a method to help him and goes to Hinata, bowing to him and asking that he pass on his Fury skill, much to Ogma's confusion.

The eleventh comic features Sharena encouraging Wrys. Just as Sharena asks if they can be friends, however, the summoner appears, demanding his Live to Serve and Rehabilitate skills for inheritance.


Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes
Japanese ファイアーエムブレム ヒーローズ 英雄たちの日常 Fire Emblem Heroes Heroes' Everyday Lives



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