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Everyone's Conditions

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Everyone's Conditions is a gameplay mechanic exclusive to Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem, accessed from the preparations. This mechanic takes advantage of the Nintendo DS's built-in clock and uses it to reward random bonuses.

There are four types of bonuses Everyone's Conditions can provide:

Types of bonuses

Bonus type Odds
Temporary stat boost 30%
Experience points 30%
Random item 30%
Support point 10%

Temporary stat boost

A character that gets this bonus will have a random two Bond items applied to them. This will give the character getting this bonus a +2 boost to each of the chosen stats going into the next chapter; for example, if the chosen items are Strength Bond and Defense Bond, the character will gain +2 each to Strength and Defense. A boost will not be given if the unit has that stat capped; for example, if the chosen items are Magic Bond and Resistance Bond but the unit has already capped Resistance, that unit will only get +2 to Magic.

Should a character who had gotten this bonus get this bonus again before going into the chapter in question, the previous bonus will be replaced by the new one; for example, if a unit had previously gotten Strength and Defense boosts, but gets chosen for this bonus again before entering a chapter and the chosen items this time are Skill Bond and Luck Bond, the previous Strength and Defense bonuses will disappear, and be replaced by +2 boosts in Skill and Luck instead.

Stat boosts given by this bonus do not stack with other temporary stat boosts; for example, if one of the chosen items was a Luck Bond, but the character chosen for it is holding the Libra Shard, the character will not get an additional +2 to Luck.

Experience points

Main article: Experience

A character that gets this bonus will be given a random amount of experience points between 10 and 30. This bonus cannot be used to gain a level--should a unit be chosen for this bonus and be given enough points to otherwise level up, the bonus will instead be truncated to leave them at 99 experience within their current level. The bonus can also be wasted if the chosen character already has 99 experience points within a level, or is already at the maximum level for their class.

Random item

The real meat of Everyone's Conditions, a unit getting this bonus will be given a random item placed into their convoy. Using a different set of percentage ratios, one of the following items will be randomly obtained when this bonus appears:

These items each have a 3.48% chance of being found
Item Item Item
Is ds blunt sword.png Blunt Sword Is ds laundry pole.png Laundry Pole Is ds frying pan.png Frying Pan
Is ds toy bow.png Toy Bow Is ds ember.png Ember Is ds used potion.png Used Potion
Is ds energy drink.png Energy Drink Is ds elixir.png Elixir Is ds strength tonic.png Strength Tonic
Is ds magic tonic.png Magic Tonic Is ds skill tonic.png Skill Tonic Is ds speed tonic.png Speed Tonic
Is ds luck tonic.png Luck Tonic Is ds defense tonic.png Defense Tonic Is ds resistance tonic.png Resistance Tonic
These items each have a 1.74% chance of being found
Item Item Item
Is ds bamboo sword.png Bamboo Sword Is ds glass sword.png Glass Sword Is ds pure sword.png Pure Sword
Is ds quick sword.png Quick Sword Is ds flycatcher.png Flycatcher Is ds glass lance.png Glass Lance
Is ds quick lance.png Quick Lance Is ds immortal axe.png Immortal Axe Is ds hit axe.png Hit Axe
Is ds glass axe.png Glass Axe Is ds quick axe.png Quick Axe Is ds cleave bow.png Cleave Bow
Is ds glass bow.png Glass Bow Is ds quick bow.png Quick Bow Is ds sleet.png Sleet
Is ds healer.png Healer Is ds glass staff.png Glass Is ds strength staff.png Strength Staff
Is ds speed staff.png Speed Staff Is ds defense staff.png Defense Staff
These items each have a 0.87% chance of being found
Item Item Item
Is ds luke's sword.png Luke's Sword Is ds cecil's sword.png Cecil's Sword Is ds ogma's blade.png Ogma's Blade
Is ds roderick's lance.png Roderick's Lance Is ds draug's lance.png Draug's Lance Is ds camus's pike.png Camus's Pike
Is ds bordcord axe.png Bordcord Axe Is ds barst's axe.png Barst's Axe Is ds legion's axe.png Legion's Axe
Is ds gordin's bow.png Gordin's Bow Is ds ryan's bow.png Ryan's Bow Is ds clarisse's bow.png Clarisse's Bow
Is ds merric's tome.png Merric's Tome Is ds reese's tome.png Reese's Tome Is ds wrys's staff.png Wrys's Staff

The tonics and glass weapons would later reappear in Awakening, while the tonics, Frying Pan, and Ember would later reappear in Fates. With the exception of the Elixir, a Fire Emblem series mainstay, all of the other Everyone's Conditions items are exclusive to New Mystery of the Emblem and have not appeared in any other game in the series.

Support point

Main article: Support

A unit that receives this bonus will gain 1 support point with Kris. This rarest of bonuses can be wasted if the unit receiving the bonus is already at maximum support with Kris, or if the unit receiving this bonus is them.

Timing mechanics

Next to the option for Everyone's Conditions in the battle preparations screen is a clock. One-quarter of the clock will fill up for every three hours that pass since the option was last used; this clock will be filled up once 12 hours have passed. The first time that Everyone's Conditions is available, the clock will be filled up, as the game gives the player 12 hours worth of bonus time to use when first using the function.

Every hour that passes since the last usage of Everyone's Conditions, up to 24, increases the odds of receiving a higher number of bonuses:

Hours passed* Odds for available bonuses
0 No new bonuses
1 80% chance: No new bonuses
20% chance: 1 new bonus
2 50% chance: No new bonuses
50% chance: 1 new bonus
3 10% chance: No new bonuses
80% chance: 1 new bonus
10% chance: 2 new bonuses
4 80% chance: 1 new bonus
20% chance: 2 new bonuses
5 60% chance: 1 new bonus
40% chance: 2 new bonuses
6 40% chance: 1 new bonus
50% chance: 2 new bonuses
10% chance: 3 new bonuses
7 20% chance: 1 new bonus
70% chance: 2 new bonuses
10% chance: 3 new bonuses
8 80% chance: 2 new bonuses
20% chance: 3 new bonuses
9 60% chance: 2 new bonuses
40% chance: 3 new bonuses
10 40% chance: 2 new bonuses
60% chance: 3 new bonuses
11 20% chance: 2 new bonuses
80% chance: 3 new bonuses
12 10% chance: 2 new bonuses
80% chance: 3 new bonuses
10% chance: 4 new bonuses
13 90% chance: 3 new bonuses
10% chance: 4 new bonuses
14 70% chance: 3 new bonuses
30% chance: 4 new bonuses
15 50% chance: 3 new bonuses
50% chance: 4 new bonuses
16 40% chance: 3 new bonuses
60% chance: 4 new bonuses
17 30% chance: 3 new bonuses
70% chance: 4 new bonuses
18 20% chance: 3 new bonuses
80% chance: 4 new bonuses
19 10% chance: 3 new bonuses
90% chance: 4 new bonuses
20 90% chance: 4 new bonuses
10% chance: 5 new bonuses
21 80% chance: 4 new bonuses
20% chance: 5 new bonuses
22 70% chance: 4 new bonuses
30% chance: 5 new bonuses
23 60% chance: 4 new bonuses
40% chance: 5 new bonuses
24 50% chance: 4 new bonuses
50% chance: 5 new bonuses

No noticable effect on the timing for Everyone's Conditions, adverse or otherwise, has been observed by manually adjusting the settings on the DS's internal clock.


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