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This page contains all of Est's base conversations.

New Mystery of the Emblem

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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

Est and Kris

First conversation

Est: Ha! Yaah!
Kris: Miss Est, are you training?
Est: Why, yes. It's been a while since I last battled, so my skills have gotten a little rusty. I need to catch up to the others as soon as I can, while this war rages on.
Kris: I heard from Prince Marth that you fought in the previous war as a pegasus knight of Macedon.
Est: Yep, together with Princess Minerva and my sisters. Hee hee, we sure fought a lot! When we put in our full effort, there's no enemy we can't strike down. Just wait and see!
Kris: Haha, that's most reassuring.

Second conversation

Est: Oh, excellent timing. Kris, could you taste this please?
Kris: Is this stew...? Miss Est, you can cook too?
Est: 'Course I can, I'll have you know I cooked for Abel every day. So, don't be shy and eat it!
Kris: ... It's so sweet!
Est: What, really? But I cooked it like normal.
Kris: O-oh, I see... Excuse me, I need some water.
Est: Hmm, was it too sweet? Abel always told me it was delicious...
Kris: I suppose it's no problem if you two appreciate this flavor. This stew might just be a symbol of your happy life together.
Est: Tee hee, perhaps...
Kris: Thanks for the meal.

Third conversation

Est: ...And then, Abel and I started living together after that. I was filled with joy, since I loved him dearly... Oftentimes I felt a little lonely, because I couldn't see my sisters... But Abel was always with me.
(If Kris is male)
Kris: How enviable. It sounds like you two lived happily together.
(If Kris is female)
Kris: I'm envious. It sounds like you two lived happily together.

Est: Yes... But... but... How should I say this...?
Kris: Miss Est...?
Est: ...You see, I brought great suffering to Abel. He was forced to betray Altea, because I was taken hostage... He's too nice and doesn't think of himself... Because I was there, Abel had to go through such an ordeal... If not for me, Abel would be happier...
(If Kris is male)
Kris: Miss Est... I'm no good with words, but I tell you it wasn't your fault. You shouldn't keep blaming yourself...
(If Kris is female)
Kris: Miss Est... Don't cry. You didn't do anything wrong. Please don't keep blaming yourself...

Est: ... ...Thank you, Kris. You're very good at comforting. Tee hee... How embarrassing. I feel like a child again. When I was younger, my sisters would rush to comfort me when I cried. Kris, I feel somewhat relieved when I'm with you...
Kris: If you believe I'm worthy, you can find me anytime. It would be my honor.
Est: Yes, thank you, Kris...

Catria and Est

First conversation

Est: Sister! I got a gift for you today.
Catria: Wow, thanks. What is it?
Est: A lance that brings luck. I heard it brings good fortune when you smash enemies with it.
Catria: Are you sure it's not cursed...?
Est: No way! Everyone who used this lance got a promotion, a lover, money, stuff like that...
Catria: Sounds shady... Luck is something you grasp with your own strength, not something that requires trifles like this.
Est: Don't you want it...? And to think I bought it from the shop just for you...
Catria: ...I guess it can't be helped. Alright, I'll have it.
Est: Hey, you're not faking that unwillingness and going to secretly use it, right...?
Catria: I won't use it!
Est: Hmmm... Oh dear, I don't think this'll sell if I put it on the counter like this... Hey, Catria, what do you think of this? This is the latest lance model. It has a sword and an axe on its tip...
Catria: Est, stop bringing me prototypes and expecting me to evaluate them...

Second conversation

Catria: Est... There's something I've been wanting to ask you for a while, can I?
Est: What is it?
Catria: I heard you started a shop with Abel, and that you were even selling weapons... Did you make a proper living from stocking whatever you could get your hands on? Since it's you, I was worried that you might have started it on a whim.
Est: It wasn't on a whim. Besides, since we're always using weapons in combat, I'm sure we have an eye for their quality.
Catria: Well, that could be true indeed, but...
Est: And since we have connections with the Macedonian and Altean armies, we don't have to worry about customers.
Catria: Oh yes. Both of you used to be in the army.
Est: Plus, even legendary weapons break after being used long enough, so there's never a lack of demand.
Catria: I see...
Est: That's not all! I can carry them with my pegasus, so transportation isn't an issue either... Catria? Are you alright? You look like you're in shock...
Catria: Hmm... You appear unreliable, but you're steadier than I thought.
Est: No way. I'm always relying on you and the others to pull me from danger.
Catria: And that makes me think that perhaps, you just really know how to swim with the tide...

Third conversation

Catria: Yaaah!
Est: Kyaah!
Catria: Oh... I'm sorry, Est... Are you hurt?
Est: No worries; it's just a graze. But... You're kinda scary today, Catria.
Catria: Is that right...? Maybe I'm taking today's practice too seriously. Let's stop for today.
Est: Est: Catria... Tell me straight. Do you hate me now?
Catria: What? Never. What are you babbling about?
Est: Today... it really felt like you were trying to crush your resentment by force... Hey, if there's anything you don't like, let me fix it... Please don't hate me...!
Catria: Don't cry, Est...! I'm sorry; it's my fault. When I think of you and Abel, I get this unbearable feeling in my chest... and I just get so angry... I despise myself for feeling like this... You haven't done anything wrong. It's just that my heart is weak... I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
Est: ...Hmmm. So I take it you're in love with someone?
Catria: Wha...? Ah, aaah! You deceived me!
Est: I'm not gonna cry forever. It's your fault for being mean, Catria.
Catria: ...I'm sorry.
Est: I forgive you. However, only if you tell me his name.
Catria: W-w-what...
Est: Don't play dumb. You're terrible at lying, Catria. I can give you advice. Hey, it's fine to rely on me every now and again.
Catria: ............!
Est: Oh dear... She fled. I don't believe it. Catria can be even more childish than me. Next time I catch her, I'll make her confess everything no matter what it takes.

Est and Palla

First conversation

Est: Palla, Sister...
Palla: What's wrong, Est? You look like you're about to burst into tears...
Est: I... ended up causing trouble for everyone again... I got myself captured again...
Palla: Indeed you did. This is the second time you've been captured by the enemy now... Or is it the third?
Est: Sniff... sniff...
Palla: But shouldn't you be glad? You came back safely again. So, forget what's already happened and regain your standing by working extra hard from now on.
Est: Palla, Sisteeer...
Palla: Alright, alright... Don't worry, I'll back you up. Let's do our best together...
Est: .........
Palla: ...She's fallen asleep. I guess she was really bothered about it. Honestly, how long is she going to keep behaving like a child...?

Second conversation

Est: Palla, Sister...
Palla: What's wrong, Est? What's gotten you in such a state...?
Est: I got Abel in trouble again... Even though I didn't mean to get in his way...
Palla: .........
Est: Palla?
Palla: I can tell there's a strong bond between you and Abel. I don't think Abel could ever be angry with you...
Est: But... But, I...
Palla: Blaming yourself won't solve anything. Wouldn't you agree?
Est: Yes... Thank you, Palla. I'm calm now...
Palla: That's more like it. I know you can handle the rest.
Est: I'm sorry, Palla. I'm always just asking for help...
Palla: It's fine. You're always welcome to ask. Not many people have the privilege of having a cute little sister cling to them in tears, after all. Now, go.
Est: Thank you, Palla... Then I'll be off.
Palla: Oh dear, Est really does cry easily... She's just like a child. Heehee, but I suppose I'm hardly any better. If only my heart were stronger than this...

Third conversation

Est: ...Thank you, Palla. I'll try harder from now on.
Palla: That's good to hear. But do be sure to apologize first!
Est: Yes, I will. ...Sorry, Palla. I'm sure you have your own worries and heartaches to deal with. Yet you're always spoiling me...
Palla: It's fine. I'm like a mother to you and Catria after all, so I'll spoil you all I want.
Est: Hey, Palla. I wonder if our real mother was like you? I was too little so I don't remember, but it feels like that somehow.
Palla: Not at all. Our mother was much, much kinder than I could ever be.
Est: What did she look like?
Palla: Hmm, hard to say... She looked like a mix of the three of us...
Est: ...Tee hee hee, I can't imagine it.
Palla: Alright, we've talked long enough. You must go now.
Est: Okay! I'm going!
Palla: Do your best!
Palla: ...I feel slightly exhausted now. Maybe it's time I'm embraced by Mother's love... I've kept this pendant secret from even Est and Catria... A memento of our mother that only I know about. The drawing within the locket... Of our mother's smiling face... I'm sorry, Mother. Once I'm stronger, I'll let you meet my sisters. But, until then, please smile only for me, Mother...

Est and Minerva

First conversation

Est: Commander, this is the Angel Ring I was talking about... or rather, its replica.
Minerva: Thank you, Est. I see... It's completely different from the art of our continent. Regardless, it's a beautiful ring...
Est: Traveling beyond the sea was troublesome in many ways, but it was a good experience nonetheless.
Minerva: Your stories about your travels never fail to delight me, but seeing the ring before me delights me in another way. Why don't you add it to your shop's stock? I'm sure it would sell well.
Est: I bet it would too, but trouble is I don't know how to manufacture it... In other words, that's the only one I have. But, you can have it if you want.
Minerva: It's such a precious item... Are you certain?
Est: Of course! If you were to wear it, Commander, the effort made to create it would be well and truly rewarded.
Minerva: Then, I'll gladly accept it. I'll treasure it dearly.
Est: Seeing you so interested really makes me want to take you there, Commander.
Minerva: Haha, sounds fun. But that's an impossible dream.
Est: Huh...? Why do you say that?
Minerva: My choices and actions thus far... And the sins towards my people and my soldiers that I must atone for... When I think of those, I simply cannot allow myself to live freely and seek happiness. My intention is to devote my entire life to the people of Macedon. Just looking at this ring and dreaming of a land overseas is well enough for me.
Est: No way... That's just too cruel, Commander!
Minerva: No, not at all. Thank you, Est. This ring shall be my treasure. And you: please live a happy and content life.
Est: Commander...

Second conversation

Est: Commander. There's something I'd like to ask you...
Minerva: What is it?
Est: Err... Do you, um, hold anyone in your heart, Commander?
Minerva: You mean like a crush? No.
Est: Oh... Th-that's too bad.
Minerva: Why?
Est: Commander, sometimes you look really sad. I've been thinking if there was a good way to heal your sadness, but...
Minerva: Indeed, you've obtained great happiness by finding yourself a good husband. If I were to establish such a bond with someone, I wonder how much happier I'd be.
Est: Y-you think so too? In that case... May I ask? Is there anyone in the Altean army that you have your eyes on, Commander?
Minerva: Haha, there are certainly gentlemen I appreciate, but to call it love would be... Besides, I haven't the time to seek my own happiness.
Est: No way! Aren't you being a little too hard on yourself, Commander?
Minerva: Est...
Est: Oh...! What am I saying... Please forgive me!
Minerva: It's fine. I know you say such words because you care about me. Est... I'll give some thought to these words of yours.

Third conversation

Minerva: Est, what's wrong?
Est: Hmm... I wonder if I...
Minerva: It feels like you've lost all motivation.
Est: ...When I look at everyone, it makes me feel like I'm a burden...
Minerva: Is that so? Doesn't seem that way to me.
Est: My body has grown dull since I left the army, and I've never been as strong as my sisters anyway...
Minerva: You're gravely mistaken. It's true that valor is important, but that isn't the only thing that dictates the flow of battle.
Est: Huh... If that's true, then what's most important?
Minerva: The most important thing... is teamwork. You three sisters should understand this better than anyone else. That mysterious ultimate attack that can only be launched if all three of you are there... I'm certain you three are the only ones who can perform it. Do you understand now?
Est: I... see...
Minerva: The Whitewings are my pride. You should be proud, as well.
Est: Y-yes!
Minerva: And now I must work. Will you accompany me in my training?
Est: ...Yes! Gladly!

Abel and Est

First conversation

Est: Abel!
Abel: Est, you haven't been in an actual battle for a while. Try not to overdo it.
Est: I told you I'm alright! Sure, I'm not at my peak, but my skill as a former Whitewing hasn't faded just yet. But nevermind me, Abel, I don't want you to get hurt, either. If you'd like, I could let you ride my pegasus. That way, you wouldn't get a scratch on you.
Abel: You said it. I used to be an Altean knight, you know. They called me "Abel the Black Panther." No mere soldier could possibly hope to defeat me. Hmm... If I were to ride with you though, I'd be able to protect you...
Est: Eh? ...Oh dear. Sorry, Abel. I, um, don't think that he wants you to ride him.
Abel: I-I see. I knew it; so he really does hate me... Even back home, he'd go out of his way to savage me each time I tried to touch him.
Est: You ending up getting kicked all the time too... Heehee, you were so certain that you'd need to get along with him in order to be family with me.
Abel: And in the end, I couldn't even pat his head...

Second conversation

Est: Sigh...
Abel: What's wrong, Est? Why the long face?
Est: Oh... Abel. No, it's nothing. I was just thinking about stuff.
Abel: ...I see. That's okay then.
Est: Say, Abel... Once this war is over, will things--will we really be able to go back to how we used to be?
Abel: Of course. In fact, I'm sure we'll be happier than before. We'll expand the shop, have children...
Est: Oh... yeah. Yeah, that's right. Of course.
Abel: Est...? Are you really alright? That isn't the smile I'm accustomed to. Are you forcing yourself, Est?
Est: Ahaha, 'c-course not. But anyway, Abel. What do you think we should name our child?
Abel: Ah, yes. Let's see...

Third conversation

Est: Sigh... What should... I do...?
Abel: Est, my love! So you were here.
Est: Abel, what is it? You look so flustered.
Abel: I heard from Prince Marth. You've been terribly worried about something, haven't you? What is it, dear? If there's something the matter, tell me.
Est: ...Say, Abel. Why did you fall in love with me?
Abel: T-that's uh... rather sudden.
Est: Please, Abel. I must know.
Abel: Good grief... It was so... natural, I never gave it a second thought.
Est: ...
Abel: Ah, are you crying!? I'm sorry, I'll answer properly this time! Err...
Est: Abel, thank you. It's okay.
Abel: Eh?
Est: That... was more than enough. I get it. Hey, scoot closer. Now... Just for now, hold me tightly in your arms.
Abel: Est... We'll always be together... So, don't cry anymore. It hurts me... to see you cry. The thought of you all alone, with no one to turn to... I'm afraid to leave your side... Afraid to depart for battle.
Est: ...I'm sorry. Teehee, I'm so silly. I guess all this fighting's been taking its toll on me. Sorry, Abel. I'm okay now. But... Let us stay like this, just a little longer...
Abel: Oh, Est...

Echoes: Shadows of Valentia

Conversation 1

Est: Thanks so much for saving me, Celica! I really thought I was gonna be worm’s food there for a bit. I mean, I’ve been through my share of tight scrapes on the battlefield, but I always had my sisters with me. So no matter how bad it got, I knew it would all work out. But this time it was just me, and it was incredibly scary! It really made me realize how much I lean on my sisters.

Conversation 2

Est: My sister Palla is very kind. I mean, she’s always got some little barb or criticism ready, but that’s okay. I think in some ways, she still sees me as a little girl. Now Catria... Well, I’ve never really known what she’s thinking. She doesn’t really say much unless you ask directly. I wish she’d open up. Still, I love ’em both to bits. I’m very proud of my sisters.

Conversation 3

Est: I had no intention of going back to the front lines to fight, you know. I actually wanted to open a shop with my love and live like a normal girl. But right when I got that chance, it all turned around and...welp, here I am. My sisters say that being the youngest, I’m good at adapting to situations, but being adaptable doesn’t mean much when your luck is as terrible as mine! They think I’ve had it pretty easy, but it’s actually been tough for me. I have to admit, sometimes I wish they could understand that a bit more...