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This page contains all of Delthea's base conversations.

Conversation 1

Delthea: Hey, Alm! Where’d you use to live? ...Ram Village? That’s out in the middle of nowhere! And here I thought you were all chic and metropolitan. Booo-ring! All I know is that when I grow up, I’m getting the heck out of my village. I’m gonna go to the city and fall madly in love with someone suave. ...Huh? What does “suave” mean? You know! Suave! Suavy! Suavicious! ...I think it means “manly,” maybe? Whatever! As long as he’s not from some backwater village!

Conversation 2

Delthea: Things are what you might call “delicate” in our village. We’re not supposed to talk about the whole “magical bloodline” thing. That’s bullplop, though, right? I think it is. We’ve got all this incredible magic at our disposal, and we have to HIDE it? I wanna show off! I want people to bask in my awesomeness! Plus, who wants to do REAL work? Uh, I mean... Anyway! I’m glad I fight for you now and do what I’m good at. Feel free to lay on the compliments when you see me kickin’ tail, yeah?

Conversation 3

Delthea: You know, folks tell me I’m wasting my natural talents. Well, I never asked to be amazing! I’m not even all that interested in magic or fighting. My brother’s the one who’s all gung-ho about it. Don’t get me wrong! I’m glad that I have a way of helping you all out, but I sure hope that doesn’t end up being my purpose in life, because... Anyway, hurry up and bring this war to an end, would you, Alm? I wanna do what I feel like without folks giving me guff all the time.