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Portrait dara fe08.png
Portrait of Dara from The Sacred Stones.

An old woman of Caer Pelyn. Over 100 years in age, she is a font of wisdom.








Saleh (grandson)



Starting class



Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Hmmm... We of Caer Pelyn have turned away from the world outside. The Great Dragon alone holds all our honor and esteem. In this place, princes and pauper are equals. Do you have a problem with that?
— Dara

Dara (Japanese: ダラ Dara) is the matron of Caer Pelyn[2] and the grandmother of Saleh. She is an elderly and wise woman, being over 100 years old.

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones


Dara appears briefly in Eirika route chapter 12, after Eirika and her allies clear the area of monsters. Dara gives Eirika's party refuge for the night. She informs Eirika of the nature of the "Great Dragon" and the dragon's relation to the original conflict with the demon king, seemingly using the term in place of 'manakete' which is curiously considered offensive.[3] Specifically, she clarifies that humanity could have never won out against the demon king without the aid of the dragonkin.

Starting stats and growth rates

Dara does have some unused data that gives her a class. Her class is druid, though, curiously, it is the male variant of the druid class.[4] Curiously, in-battle animations for the female druid do exist unused in The Sacred Stones. She does have custom growth rates, but she doesn't have any personal base stats, so she uses the male Druid class base stats.

Portrait dara fe08.png
Level 1
Affinity Is gba darkaffin.png
Recruitment: None; this data is unused.

Stats Growth Rates

Weapon Levels
GBARankSword.gif -- GBARankLance.gif -- Axe -- GBARankBow.gif --
GBARankAnima.gif D GBARankLight.gif -- GBARankDark.gif C GBARankStaff.gif E

Personality and character

Dara is stern but kind and informative. She obviously cares for her grandson. She holds the great dragon in high reverence, acknowledging their contribution to the continued existence of humanity.

Flavor text

Game Text
The Sacred Stones
An old woman of Caer Pelyn. Over 100
years in age, she is a font of wisdom.
百歳を越える この世の生き字引


  • Dara's name is never mentioned in the main story, instead only seen in her unused character data and some support conversations.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes


From the Irish Mac Dara which means "oak tree". This was the name of a 6th-century saint from Connemara. It is also used as an Anglicized form of Dáire.[5]






As above.



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