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Crown Prince Xander

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Crown Prince Xander


Dusk Castle


Falcon Knight

How pathetic. Do you think me so easy to conquer? Onward! Destroy the Hoshidan army!
— Xander

Crown Prince Xander (Japanese: 暗夜第一王子 マークス Dark Night First Prince Marks) is the eleven chapter of Fire Emblem Warriors. During this chapter, the group is able to meet up with Xander and help him fight against the invading Hoshidan forces.


Main article: Crown Prince Xander/Script

Xander asks his troops if any of them were able to locate his siblings, with one saying they heard a report of Corrin being seen with a Hoshidan soldier. Xander orders more troops be sent to that area while the rest of them prepare against the invading Hoshidan army. Nearby, Darios leads the group to where Xander was reportedly located, and Elise is able to spot him leading the Nohrian army. Leo recognizes that Xander is about to lead an offensive, so Lianna orders the group to go help him.

Not long into the battle, some Hoshidan Sky Knights try to attack Xander from behind, only for him to swat them out of the air. The Nohrian siblings are able to reach their oldest brother, with Elise expressing her relief in seeing him. Xander, while relieved to see his siblings, tells them they need to defeat the Hoshidans first. They and their allies are then able to drive back their enemy, reclaiming all the forts in the process.

After the battle, Xander thanks Lianna and Darios for reuniting him with his siblings, but explains they must now search for Corrin. Darios suggests they can help him search for her after they regroup with Rowan and his team. Upon hearing that, Xander requests that they take Camilla, Leo, and Elise with them so they learn more about Aytolis as well as search for Corrin. Elise asks what Xander plans to do, with him replying he'll take the Nohrian army and continue his own search for their sister. As the party regroups, Lissa expresses her joy in being able to stay with Elise, while Camilla implies what she'll do to any Hoshidans they encounter, which terrifies Owain. Darios comments on how lively things will be once they group up with the others, to which Lianna agrees.


With Leo added to their ranks, Lianna's group arrives at a fortress that towers above the fog. It's there they find Xander squaring off against a Hoshidan army.

Chapter data

Story Free Play

Chapter Data
Unit Data
Victory: Seize all the forts. Player Partner Other Enemy Third
Defeat: Lianna or Xander falls. 6 {{{partner}}} 4 42+9 {{{third}}}
Cm fewa 11.png

Character data

New Units


Returning Characters

Portrait lianna fewa.pngPortrait lissa fewa.pngPortrait cordelia fewa.pngPortrait camilla fewa.pngPortrait elise fewa.pngPortrait leo fewa.png

Note 1: Due to story reasons, Rowan, Chrom, Robin, Frederick, and Lucina cannot be deployed the first time you play this chapter. Hinoka, Takumi, and Sakura also cannot be deployed if they are already recruited.
Note 2: This list does not represent Free Play mode, as it can be used with any unit the player has obtained at that point. This list also does not include any downloadable content characters the player may have.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is fewa seal.png Master Seal Chest west of S Hold Fort (first time only)
Will contain a random weapon matching the difficulty afterwards
Is fewa key.png Chest Key Defeat Diviner
Is fewa axe.png Steel Axe Defeat Knight


Mission Objective Rewards
Defeat the assault troops and rescue Xander! Defeat 3 Steel Knights and 3 Armored Knights
Seize all forts! Seize every fort
Sub Missions
Activate the Dragon Vein to dispel the fog! Use the Dragon Vein at W Marsh Fort in the fog Remove the fog.
Defeat the Diviner to dispel the Poison Fog! Defeat the Diviner in Great Hall Remove the poison fog, support points with Leo.
Seize the forts to capture the Fire Orbs! Seize West Fire Orb and East Fire Orb Support points with Camilla.

Anna's Mementos

Anna's Mementos
Objective Location Notes
Defeat 1,000 enemies. North of W Marsh Fort, within the fog
Defeat three or more of the enemies attacking Xander while two of Xander's Mercenary guards are still alive. Great Hall Must complete story once and play on either Hard or Lunatic difficulty.

Fort data

Name Initial state Level Fort Captain Notes
N Hold Fort Nohr 13 Mercenary --
S Marsh Fort Nohr 13 Soldier --
Great Hall Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Oni Savage East entrance is initially locked.
N Yard Fort Hoshido 3/8/13/28 Falcon Knight Locked at the start.
West Fire Orb Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Oni Savage Fire Orb firing at left of the marsh. North entrance is initially locked. Seize to have it firing at enemy forces.
East Fire Orb Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Samurai Fire Orb firing at right of the marsh. West entrance is initially locked. Seize to have it firing at enemy forces.
S Yard Fort Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Spear Fighter East entrance is initially locked.
W Marsh Fort Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Diviner Hidden in the fog. East entrance is initially locked. Seize to use Dragon Vein to clear the fog.
S Hold Fort Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Oni Savage North and east entrances are initially locked.
Midmarsh Fort Hoshido 8/13/18/33 Samurai Hidden in the fog.

Enemy data

This list only covers commanding units.

Easy/Normal/Hard Lunatic

Enemy Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Fort Captain Oni Savage 8/13/18 3  Iron Axe Captains of Great Hall, West Fire Orb, and S Hold Fort
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Fort Captain Samurai 8/13/18 2  Iron Sword Captains of East Fire Orb and Midmarsh Fort
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Fort Captain Spear Fighter 8/13/18 1  Iron Lance Captain of S Yard Fort
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif
Fort Captain Diviner 8/13/18 1  Iron Tome Captain of W Marsh Fort
Ma fewa great knight enemy.gif
Steel Knight Steel Knight 8/13/18 5  Iron Axe --
Ma fewa knight enemy.gif
Armored Knight Armored Knight 8/13/18 1  Iron Lance Steel AxeThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat.* --
Ma fewa knight enemy.gif
Armored Knight Armored Knight 8/13/18 8  Iron Lance --
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Samurai Samurai 8/13/18 9  Iron Sword --
Ma fewa soldier enemy.gif
Spear Fighter Spear Fighter 8/13/18 4  Iron Lance --
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Oni Savage Oni Savage 8/13/18 5  Iron Axe --
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif
Diviner Diviner 8/13/18 3  Iron Tome --
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif
Diviner Diviner 8/13/18 1  Iron Tome Chest KeyThis item is dropped upon this unit's defeat. Controls the Poison Fog
Ma fewa archer enemy.gif
Archer Archer 8/13/18 1  Iron Bow --
Ma fewa cavalier enemy.gif
Expert Rider Expert Rider 8/13/18 2  Iron Sword --
Ma fewa archer enemy.gif
Gatekeeper Archer 8/13/18 1  Iron Bow Guards entrance to Great Hall; will retreat if fort is captured
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Gatekeeper Samurai 8/13/18 2  Iron Sword Guard gates to wall in the marsh
Ma fewa falcon knight enemy.gif
Fort Captain Falcon Knight 3/8/13 1  Iron Lance Captain of N Yard Fort
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa warrior enemy.gif
Oni Chieftain Oni Chieftain 8/13/18 2  Iron Axe --
Ma fewa swordmaster enemy.gif
Swordmaster Swordmaster 8/13/18 2  Iron Sword --
Ma fewa myrmidon enemy.gif
Samurai Samurai 8/13/18 1  Iron Sword --
Ma fewa knight enemy.gif
Armored Knight Armored Knight 8/13/18 1  Iron Lance --
Ma fewa mage enemy.gif
Diviner Diviner 8/13/18 1  Iron Tome --
Ma fewa great knight enemy.gif
Steel Knight Steel Knight 8/13/18 1  Iron Axe --
Ma fewa fighter enemy.gif
Oni Savage Oni Savage 8/13/18 1  Iron Axe --


NPC data

Unlike enemies, NPCs do not scale with difficulty.

NPC Units
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes
Ma fewa paladin xander other.gif
Xander Paladin 13 1  Iron Sword --
Ma fewa lord darios other.gif
Darios Lord 13 1  Iron Sword --
Ma fewa myrmidon other.gif
Mercenary Mercenary 13 2  Iron Sword --
Name Class Lv # Inventory and Skills Notes

Boss data

Easy Normal Hard Lunatic

Generic portrait falcon knight fewa.png
Ma fewa falcon knight enemy.gif Falcon Knight
Level 3
Weapon Item
 Iron Lance --
Swords X mark.png Lances Yes check.png Axes X mark.png Bows X mark.png
Tomes X mark.png Stones X mark.png Staves X mark.png Claws X mark.png Breath X mark.png


This section details unofficial strategies that may help with completion of the chapter. This may not work for everybody.


  • Despite having it in the cutscene prior, Xander is oddly not equipped with his personal sword Siegfried. Instead he is wielding an Iron Sword.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Crown Prince Xander


暗夜第一王子 マークス

Dark Night First Prince Marks


Gran príncipe Xander

Grand Prince Xander


Xander, prince de Nohr

Xander, Prince of Nohr


Kronprinz Xander

Crown Prince Xander


Il principe ereditario Xander

The Crown Prince Xander


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