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This page contains all data pertaining to Conrad's support.


Conrad Small portrait conrad fe15.png receives these
bonuses from:
Small portrait celica fe15.png Celica
Support Level Accuracy Avoid Critical Dodge Req. Points Req. Act
Bond -- -- -- +3 Innate Innate
C -- +5 -- +3 10 3
B -- +10 -- +3 25 3
A -- +10 -- +7 45 3

C support

Celica: Oh! Hello, Conrad.
Masked Knight: Anthiese? Is that you, Sister?
Celica: Well, yes, of course, but... Hee hee...
(Conrad removes his mask)
Conrad: Huh? What's so funny?
Celica: S-sorry, it's just... I know in my head it's you, but you just look so INTENSE with that mask on! It's like I have two different brothers.
Conrad: Aw, whaaat? C'mon! I'm the only brother you need!
Celica: Hee hee. Yes, you're right. One is MORE than enough.

B support

Conrad: Anthiese! Everything all right?
Celica: Er, Conrad? What happened to your mask?
Conrad: I decided to stop wearing it when you're around. I mean, how could I keep it on after what you said last time?
Celica: Aww... I was only teasing, Conrad. Please don't take it to heart.
Conrad: Even if you didn't mean it seriously, it's serious to me.
Celica: Oh, come on, Brother, don't be like that!

A support

Conrad: Anthiese!
Celica: Oh! I didn't know you were so close by.
Conrad: Heh heh. Kinda funny how we keep running into each other like this, huh?
Celica: This is hardly the time for idle chit-chat, Conrad. Everyone else is fighting their hardest, and we need to do the same. Why can't you be as sharp and dashing as when you were the masked knight?
Conrad: Wait, dashing? Daaaashing? Er, one second!
(Conrad dons his mask)
Masked Knight: Any who dare lay a hand on my sister shall feel the sting of my blade!
Celica: Hee hee! Yes! THAT'S the spirit!