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Caer Pelyn

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Caer Pelyn

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Chapter 12: Village of Silence Eirika route




Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

Caer Pelyn (Japanese: ポカラの里 Pokhara Village) is a location in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones and is located in the continent of Magvel, within the eastern mountain range in Carcino. It is a remote tightly-knit village that shuns outside concepts like nobility, with a residents being put on equal standing with one another.[1] They rely on the surrounding area for all their needs, using resources like local moss for medicinal purposes.[2]


The town of Caer Pelyn is located in the high peaks of the Carcino mountains, within the Caer Pelyn Range.[3] It is southwest of Darkling Woods. It is located far up enough to cause breathing difficulties to those unaccustomed to the altitude.[4]

Though the location is not marked on the world map, there is an abandoned fortress to the southwest of Caer Pelyn.

Characters from Caer Pelyn

Character Description Appears in
Portrait dara fe08.png
An old woman of Caer Pelyn. Over 100 years in age, she is a font of wisdom. The Sacred Stones
Portrait saleh fe08.png
A sage from the village Caer Pelyn. He's Ewan's solemn, but kind, teacher. The Sacred Stones


Caer Pelyn is a world map location which is the setting of two chapters in Eirika's route in The Sacred Stones: Chapter 11A is set in the abandoned fortress, and Chapter 12A is set on the approach to the village itself. The player is not allowed to return to the world map between these two chapters. There are no skirmishes at this location after completion of these chapters, but there is a vendor which can be visited from the world map.

Vendor contents
Name Cost
Is gba thunder.png
Thunder 700
Is gba elfire.png
Elfire 1,200
Is gba shine.png
Shine 900
Is gba flux.png
Flux 900
Is gba luna.png
Luna 4,200
Is gba heal.png
Heal 600
Is gba mend.png
Mend 1,000
Is gba restore.png
Restore 2,000
Is gba vulnerary.png
Vulnerary 300
Is gba pure water.png
Pure Water 900
Is gba antitoxin.png
Antitoxin 450


  • The legendary historical figure of Caer Pelyn, Nada Kuya, was said to wield a sword which has a similar origin story to that of the original Falchion, being forged from a gifted dragon's fang.[5]

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

Caer Pelyn

"Caer" is a common prefix for the Welsh names of places, which means "fortress" or "citadel". Six cities in Wales still retain modern names which use the "caer" prefix, and there are numerous other locations in Britain whose names in the Welsh language include "caer".



Officially romanized as Pokhara.


Caer Pelyn

As above.


Caer Pelyn

As above.


Caer Pelyn

As above.


Caer Pelyn

As above.



  1. "The Great Dragon alone holds all our honor and esteem. In this place, princes and pauper are equals." — Dara, Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones
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