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The following text is an unofficial translation by fans. There may be stylistic differences with official sources and other unofficial translations.

This page contains all of Beck's support conversations.

Beck and Kris

First conversation

Beck: Yo, 'afternoon.
Kris: Good afternoon, Sir Beck.
Beck: Oh, just call me Beck. Also, quit the formalities. Being formal makes you sound so cold and distant, don't you reckon? So, let's talk in a more natural way.
Kris: I see... Alright, got it. Then I'll do just that, Beck. Nice to meet you.
Beck: Yes, Sir/Dame Kris. I'm honored to make your acquaintance.
Kris: Er, weren't you being formal...? Oh well. I heard from Prince Marth. You used to be a ballistician, correct?
Beck: Yeah, I was originally a member of an army. Even after the war was over, I travelled the world with my ballista, but it eventually stopped movin'...
Kris: An accident?
Beck: No, actually... In order to move a ballista, we need the oil from a special fruit. However that fruit disappeared after the last war, see. So you can attack with a ballista, but not move it and therefore, you can't travel with it either. Gettin' it to places would be just too hard, see.
Kris: Ah, so that's why... Indeed, none of the enemy ballisticians we've faced in this war moved at all.
Beck: Yeah, that's why I decided to choose this guy to keep me company during my travels, instead of my old ballista. I call 'im Bonnie.
Kris: I see you've grown attached to him. He's a good horse.
Beck: A pony among ponies you could say.
Kris: I see.

Second conversation

Beck: Bonnie is really nice, see. He's a great listener, always listenin' to everything I say. I talk to 'im when I'm feelin' lonely.
Kris: You talk to him?
Beck: Yeah, Bonnie can understand what people say.
Kris: Really?
Beck: 'Course he can. Oh right, you want to try it out? Go on, say something to 'im.
Kris: Eh? Do I really have to?
Beck: 'Course you do.
Kris: Oh well... H-hello, Bonnie.
Beck: Look, Bonnie. He/She said "hello" to you, so, go on, greet 'im back. There, look. He made a "hello" face, didn't he?
Kris: R-really?
Beck: Go on and talk more to 'im.
Kris: Eh, um, alright. For how long have you been with your master?
Beck: Look, didn't he make a "'Alf a year, I s'pose. A lot has 'appened in this time. He rescued me, when I was gonna be thrown away for being too old. And now he's my master. He gives me carrots three times a day, they're my favorite." ...face just then?
Kris: I-is that so...?

Third conversation

Beck: Yo, Mister/Miss Kris. Good afternoon. I was just talking to Bonnie about you.
Kris: R-really?
Beck: Isn't that right, Bonnie? Look, isn't that an "Exactly" face?
Kris: I think that's just how you're feeling, but... Oh well. I brought a carrot for Bonnie today.
Beck: Thank you. Aren't you glad, Bonnie? Eh, Bonnie!? How could you...! That was just mean...
Kris: ...What did Bonnie say?
Beck: Please don't mind 'im. Bonnie is a bit foul-mouthed, but he's a nice fellow.
Kris: How long do you intend to continue with this act...?
Beck: I used to get food with this act when I lacked money during my travels, see.
Kris: So it really is an act!
Beck: Well well, your present is very appreciated nonetheless, Mister Kris. Look, isn't this a "thank you" face?
Kris: Bonnie's?
Beck: No, mine.