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An Inevitable Encounter/Script

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Movie - Revenge

Ss fe16 revenge icon.png

Tailtean Plains, Imperial Year 91

Combat breaks out between opposing armies. As it happens, someone wielding the Sword of the Creator flies in, causing an explosion upon impact.

It's Nemesis. He grabs the sword once more and prooceds to engage more troops; red glows appear across the battlefield

Enemies approach Seiros, but are repelled by allied knights; one of them falls. Seiros remains motionless.

Knight: Lady Seiros!

Nemesis turns his attention to Seiros, whose expression now expresses absolute wrath. Both fighters engage into intense combat.

Seiros ultimately manages to disarm Nemesis, then knocks him to the ground, pins him, and draws a knife to his throat.

Seiros: Tell me, Nemesis. Do you recall the Red Canyon?

Nemesis's expression changes. He's surprised...?

Just then, Seiros begins stabbing Nemesis repeatedly.

Seiros: You'll die for that! Die! Die!
Seiros: You took... everything that I loved.

As Nemesis's body no longer moves, Seiros views the soldiers rejoicing at their victory before embracing the weapon Nemsis once used: The Sword of the Creator.

Seiros: He's gone now, Mother...

A black void appears and images quickly appear and disappear. One of them seems to be a huge tower. Another is some buildings being caught in some explosion...?

A young girl on a throne awakens and yawns, then looks at the camera, noticing someone...

???: Oh my. What could've brought you here?

Event - Dreams of a Throne

Note: This event is not skippable.

???: I wonder how you got in here... It is most rude to interrupt a moment of repose. Very rude indeed. Now come to me. I wish to have a look at you.

The player proceeds to select a form for Byleth

???: Hmm... I have not seen the likes of you before. Who are you, anyway?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
I'm a ghost. I'm a demon. I'm a mortal.
???: Do not deceive. You do well to keep your wit in line. ???: Do not deceive. You do well to keep your wit in line.
Note: If "I'm a ghost." or "I'm a demon." are picked, returns to dialogue select without that option; "I'm a mortal." must be picked to progress

???: I see. Then you must have a name of sorts. Go on.

The player proceeds to enter a name for Byleth

???: Huh. I shall never grow accustomed to the sound of human names.
???: You must possess a day of birth as well. Beneath which moon and on what day were you born to this world?

The player proceeds to enter a birthday for Byleth

???: Well, wonders never cease! It seems we share our day of birth. How strange! Hmmm. It all feels so...familiar. I think it may be time for yet another nap...It is almost...time to...begin...
(Everything fades to black.)

Event - A Skirmish at Dawn

Remire Village (Empire Territory)
Great Tree Moon (Nighttime)

Jeralt: Hey. Time to wake up.
(Byleth rises up. They seem to be awake now.)
Jeralt: Were you having that dream again?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I was dreaming about a war... I was dreaming about a girl...
Jeralt: Massive armies clashing on a vast field, right? There hasn't been a battle like that in over three centuries... Jeralt: You've described her to me before. I don't think I've ever met anyone like that.

Jeralt: In any case, just put that out of your mind for now. The battlefield is no place for idle thoughts. Risking your life is part of the job for mercenaries like us. Letting your mind wander is a sure way to get yourself killed.
Jeralt: OK, time to get moving. Our next job is in the Kingdom. I told you before, it's far from here, so we'll need to leave at dawn.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Oh, right... Of course.
(Support points with Jeralt go up.) (Support points with Jeralt go down.)

Jeralt: Hm? Good grief. Everyone is already waiting for us outside.
(Someone interrupts the scene.)
Mercenary: Jeralt! Sir! Sorry to barge in, but your presence is needed.
Jeralt: What's happened?

(Byleth & Jeralt go out to check who requires them...)

Dimitri: Please forgive our intrusion. We wouldn't bother you were the situation not dire.
Jeralt: What do a bunch of kids like you want at this hour?
Dimitri: We're being pursued by a group of bandits. I can only hope that you will be so kind as to lend your support.
Jeralt: Bandits? Here?
Edelgard: It's true. They attacked us while we were at rest in our camp.
Claude: We've been separated from our companions and we're outnumbered. They're after our lives... not to mention our gold.
Jeralt: I'm impressed you're staying so calm considering the situation. I... Wait. That uniform...
(Another mercenary reports to Jeralt.)
Mercenary: Bandits spotted just outside the village! Damn... There are a lot of them.
Jeralt: I guess they followed you all the way here. We can't abandon this village now. Come on, let's move. Hope you're ready.

Battle: Rescue at Dawn

Player Phase 1

Jeralt: Let's take care of those thieves before they overrun the village. Take down the enemies in front first. That should take the wind out of their sails.

Player Phase 2

Jeralt: We'll advance while protecting ourselves from the enemy. Take up position inside the forest.

Player Phase 5

Jeralt: Attack when an ally is nearby, and the enemy will be intimidated, making them easier to hit.

When an Unit Waits in the Forest

Jeralt: Yes, good. If we're in the forest, we can sustain their attacks without losing the advantage.

Player Phase after any Unit has been in a Forest

Jeralt: This is a fine opportunity. Use the combat arts I taught you!

Enemy Phase after a Ruffian is defeated

Kostas: Damn. Why are there mercenaries in the village? Guess we'll have to deal with them too.

Talk conversations

After talking with any of the characters, Byleth gains support points with them

If Byleth talks with Edelgard:

Edelgard: You have a strange aura about you... You say you're a mercenary, so show me what you can do.
— If Byleth talks with Edelgard

If Byleth talks with Dimitri:

Dimitri: Thank you. We are in your debt. It wouldn't do for us to fall in a place like this. Please, lend us your strength. Let's work together to drive out these thieves!
— If Byleth talks with Dimitri

If Byleth talks with Claude:

Claude: It's because of you guys that I'm not dead right now. Thanks for that! I didn't expect to run into mercenaries like you in some remote village. The gods of fortune must be smiling on me!
— If Byleth talks with Claude

Main Boss - Kostas

Vs Anyone:

I'm gonna kill you where you stand...
— Kostas Vs Anyone

Vs Byleth:

Hey, you with the blank stare! Outta my way!
— Kostas Vs Byleth

Vs Jeralt:

Kostas: What the?! Aren't you Jeralt the Blade Breaker? What's a renowned mercenary like you doing here?
Jeralt: I'm the one who should be complaining. I'm caught up in the mess you started!

— Kostas Vs Byleth

Movie - The Girl on the Throne

Ss fe16 the girl on the throne icon.png

Kostas leaps to his feat after being defeated and quickly charges to Edelgard, who dras a dagger in response. Just then, Byleth runs in front of her.

Kostas: You'll die!

Kostas strikes Byleth. As it happens, time freezes, and Byleth ends up on the same void where they saw the lone young girl on a throne, with her looking at them.

???: Honestly! What are you accomplishing with that little stunt?! It's like you're trying to get me killed, you fool!
???: Well, it's fine. After all, if you don't know the value of your own life, you're not going to protect if very well, are you? Course not.
???: Well, then. I guess it's up to me to guide you from now on. Right? You can call me Sothis... but I am also known as "The Beginning."

Event - The Girl on the Throne

Sothis: Hmm... Sothis... Yes, that is it. My name is Sothis. And I am also called... The Beginning. But who once called me that?

Choice 1 Choice 2
What are you talking about? Sothis?

Sothis: I was not able to recall my name... until just now. And just like that it came to me. How odd.
Sothis: That look upon your face... Did you think me a child? A mere child who forgot her own name?! Phooey! That "child" just saved your life! And what does that make you?

Choice 1 Choice 2
I am no child. I'm less than a child?
Sothis: Ha! Such arrogance. You look the part, but are you truly an adult? (Support points with Sothis go up.)
Sothis: Correct! You understand.

Sothis: You threw yourself before an axe to save just one young girl. Yet all is well, as I have stalled the flow of time for now. You would have died had I not intervened.

Choice 1 Choice 2
Thank you. You stopped time?
Sothis: Hm. I do not hear your gratitude. Perhaps I should force you to leave?

(Byleth bows to Sothis.)
Sothis: There now. Is gratitude so much to ask? I did deem you worth saving, after all. Though it is only momentary, time has stopped. However did I manage that...

Choice 1 Choice 2
What will happen when time resumes? What now?

Sothis: When time begins again, the axe will tear into your flesh, and you will surely meet your end. How rude of you to drag me into this! Now what to do...

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Turn back the hands of time. Keep time frozen until I'm safe. I'll just stay here and wait to die.
(Support points with Sothis go up.) Sothis: That is rediculuous! Oh, but perhaps... (Support points with Sothis go down.)
Sothis: As though I could stand idly by and watch that come to pass! Oh, but perhaps...

Sothis: Of course! I must turn back the hands of time! Yes... I do believe it can be done. You really are quite troublesome.
Sothis: I cannot wind time back too far, but all is well. You are aware of what's to come, which means you can protect yourself this time.
Sothis: Now, go... Yes, you who bears the flames within. Drift through the flow of time to find the answers that you seek...

Movie - Winding Back Time

Ss fe16 winding back time fbyleth icon.png

The past few seconds are undone as time winds back. Once again, Kostas leaps to his feet and charges towards Edelgard as she draws a dagger and byleth runs in front.

Kostas: You'll die!

This time however, Byleth deflects the attack and knocks Kostas back as his axe goes flying into the air, both crashing into the ground. As Byleth watches the scene unfold and then to Edelgard...

Claude: Hey—over here!

Claude and Dimitri approach Byleth and Edelgard.

After Winding Back Time

(Jeralt approaches Byleth.)
Jeralt: Hey... Did you just...
(Just then, someone with some soldiers arrives at the scene as the ruffians from recently are nowhere to be seen...)
Alois: The Knights of Seiros are here! We'll cut you down for terrorizing our students. Hey, the thieves are running away! Go after them!
(Alois then approaches Byleth and Jeralt.)
Alois: The students seem to be unharmed. And... who's this?
Jeralt: Ugh... Why him?

Event - An Unexpected Reunion

Alois: Captain Jeralt?! It is you! Goodness, it's been ages. Don't you recognize me? It's Alois! Your old right-hand man! Well, that's how I always thought of myself anyway. It must have been 20 years ago that you went missing without a trace. I always knew you were still alive!
Jeralt: You haven't changed a bit, Alois. Just as loud as ever. And drop that "captain" nonsense. I'm not your captain anymore. These days I'm just a wandering mercenary. One who has work to do. Good-bye, old friend.
Alois: Right... Good-bye, Captian.
Alois: Wait! That isn't how this ends. I insist that you return to the monastery with me!
Jeralt: Garreg Mach Monastery... I suppose this was inevitable.
(Alois then looks at Byleth.)
Alois: And how about you, kid? Are you the captain's child?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
He is a stranger to me. I'm a bandit. That is correct.
(Support points with Jeralt go down.)
Alois: Great sense of humor, this one. Clearly cut from the same cloth as the captain.
(Support points with Alois go up.)
Alois: Great sense of humor, this one. Clearly cut from the same cloth as the captain.
Alois: Is that so? Well, physical differences aside, your mannerisms do remind me of the captain.

Alois: I'd love for you to see the monastery too. You will join me, won't you?
Jeralt: ...
Alois: What's troubling you, Captain? You aren't about to run off again, are you?
Jeralt: Even I wouldn't dare run from the Knights of Seiros.
(Alois and Jeralt leave.)

Sothis: The Knights of Seiros... They do seem rather skilled. Ah. It seems your presence is required. Get going!
(Byleth begins moving as well. Where did Sothis's...?)

Event - The Prince, the Princess, and the Heir

(The students from earlier have reached Byleth...)
Edelgard: I appreciate your help back there. Your skill is beyond question. You're clearly an experienced mercenary. And your father... that would be Jeralt, the Blade Breaker? Former captain of the Knights of Seiros. Oft praised as the strongest knight to ever live. Have I missed anything?

Choice 1 Choice 2
The Knights of Seiros? I didn't know he was a captain.
Edelgard: You haven't heard of the Knights of Seiros? The most famous order of knights in all of Fódlan? (Support points with Edelgard go up)
Edelgard: How curious. I'd wager the explanation for that is fascinating indeed.

Claude: Hey! You are coming with us to the monastery, right? Of course you are. I'd love to bend your ear as we travel. Oh, I should mention that the three of us are students at the Officers Academy at Garreg Mach Monastery. We were doing some training exercises when those bandits attacked. I definitely got the worst of it.
Edelgard: That would be because you ran off.
Clause: Too true! I was the first to make a strategic retreat. Everything would have worked out if these two hadn't followed me and ruined everything. Because of them, every single one of those bandits chased after us. Utterly ridiculous.
Dimitri: Ah, so that's what you were thinking, Claude. And here I thought you were acting as a decoy for the sake of us all.
Edelgard: His intentions were as clear as day. You will prove a lacking ruler if you cannot see the truth behind a person's words.
Dimitri: Hm. You will prove a lacking ruler yourself if you look for deceit behind every word and fail to trust those whom you rely on.
Claude: Oh, joy. A royal debate between Their Highnesses. I wonder how being completely predictable affects one's ability to wield power. Personally, as the embodiment of distrust, I'd say your little exchange smacks of naiveté.
Edelgard: Me? Naive? Tell me, are you actually incapable of keeping quiet, or is your lack of self-awareness a condition of some sort?

Dimitri: In any case, forgive our digression. I must speak with you, if you can spare a moment. The way you held your ground against the bandits' leader was captivating! You never lost control of the situation. It showed me I still have much to learn.
Edelgard: Your skill is precisely why I must ask you to consider lending your services to the Empire. I might as well tell you now. I am no mere student. I am also the Adrestian Empire's—
Dimitri: Halt, Edelgard. Please allow me to finish my own proposition. The Holy Kingdom of Faerghus is in dire need of exceptional individuals like yourself. Please, do consider returning to the Kingdom with me.
Claude: Whoa, there! You two sure are hasty. Trying to recruit someone you just met. Tactless, really. I was personally planning to develop a deep and lasting friendship on our journey back to the monastery before begging for favors. But it seems there's no time for niceties in this world. So, capable stranger, let's get right to it. Where does your allegiance lie?
Sothis: Hmm. It seems one's place of birth is quite significant to them. Yet they are so impressed by you, that you may take your pick. Well?

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Adrestian Empire: Land of Ancient History Holy Kingdom of Faerghus: Land of Noble Knights Leicester Alliance: Burgeoning League of Nobles
(Support points with Edelgard go up.)
Edelgard: A wise choice. Though the Empire has fallen from its former glory, the other regions are merely offshoots that pale in comparison.
(Support points with Dimitri go up.)
Dimitri: Understood. Faerghus is a noble and distinguished kingdom that has always valued chivalry.
(Support points with Claude go up.)
Claude: Is that right? Well, I suppose that's a win for the Alliance, so I suppose I'm obligated to be happy.

Alois: All right, that's enough with the small talk. It's time to head back to the monastery!
Claude: Looks like we'll have to pick this up another time.

Sothis: My, my. They are in such a hurry. You know... Each of the three is most unique...

Choice 1 Choice 2 Choice 3
Edelgard... Dimitri... Claude...
Byleth: (She is a refined young woman...)
(But I feel as though she is always evaluating me...)
Byleth: (He seems quite sincere...)
(But I sense darkness lurking beneath...)
Byleth: (His easy smile is striking...)
(But that smile doesn't reach his eyes...)
Note: After any option is picked, returns to dialogue select without that option; each option must be picked to progress

Sothis: Yes, I thought the same. I am so sleepy once again... I may be sleeping... but I...
(Sothis seems to fall asleep...?)