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A New Journey

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A New Journey


Serafew, Castle Frelia

…You’ve got your father’s foolhardy courage, don’t you? …Very well. I entrust all our hope to you three. Innes, you will go to Jehanna, Eirika to Rausten, And Ephraim to the imperial capital. Funding you will have, but of soldiers, we have few to spare. For each of you, a difficult road awaits.
— Hayden

A New Journey is an interlude sequence in Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones. The sequence takes place between chapters 8 and 9, and in addition to serving as a major story segment, serves as the point where the player picks which route to take for the next major arc of the game and who their main lord will be for the game's duration.


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While in Serafew en route to Castle Frelia, Eirika and Ephraim reminisce on their time with Lyon, recalling specifically their interaction before leaving for their trip with Father MacGregor.

In said interaction, Eirika is late to meeting up with Lyon and Ephraim prior to their trip to the temple flame. The three talk and discuss their planned prayers to the flame, leading to Ephraim teasing Eirika.

The twins then stop reminiscing and begin to wonder as to Lyon's current whereabouts, with special regard to his reaction to his father's order to invade Renais. They nevertheless proceed to Frelia.

Upon arriving at Castle Frelia, Tana welcomes the twins. At the same time, Innes arrives from fighting Grado and addresses the twins on his way to the throne room. As Tana apologizes for his curtness, he returns inviting Eirika and Ephraim to the war council on behalf of his father, leading the way there. When they arrive, Hayden welcomes them and Innes reports to the favorable progress their army has made against Grado. Hayden adds that he received Eirika's message about Grado's hunt for the stones and has thus increased the guard on Frelia's stone. As the group considers their next step, Epharaim calls in Myrrh to explain to them all what she explained to him earlier and reveals that she is a manakete. Myrrh states that her people felt a dark energy emanating from the direction of Grado, but she was separated from her caretaker and rescued by Ephraim. Once finished, however, a soldier enters to report that an assault led by Caellach and Selena resulted in the destruction of Frelia's sacred stone.

At the Tower of Valni, Frelian soldiers attempt and fail to repel the Grado army, allowing Caellach to climb the tower and shatter the stone. Caellach and Selena get into a dispute over Caellach's killing of a defenseless Frelian and Caellach's seeming lack of care for the word of Vigarde before leaving to avoid any reinforcements.

Hayden decides that they must warn Jehanna and Rausten of Grado's goals; Innes volunteers to go to Jehanna and Eirika to Rausten. Though Ephraim initially objects, Eirika reassures him that she will be fine, prompting Ephraim to announce his plan to begin a direct assault on Grado to end the war sooner. Hayden promises funding to the three, whom all emphasize the importance of their missions.

As they leave for their own journeys, Eirika and Ephraim bid farewell. Ephraim states that he wishes she didn't have to leave the castle, but Eirika assures him that her journey is the easiest that the royals must embark on. They promise each other that they shall reunite before the end of this war, then leave each other's company. The player is then prompted to decide between which lord to follow while they are separated, which will effect the next six chapters.

If the player decided to follow Eirika, Kyle and Forde approach her, informing her that Ephraim has ordered the two to accompany Eirika on her travel to Rausten. Ending the interlude in this fashion sends the player to Distant Blade, Eirika's version of Chapter 9.

If the player decided to follow Ephraim, Seth approaches him to inform him that Eirika has ordered the retinue that accompanied her up to this point to follow Ephraim into Grado. Ending the interlude in this fashion sends the player to Fort Rigwald, Ephraim's version of Chapter 9.

Item data

Name Obtainment Method
Is gba gold.png 10,000G Automatically prior to the scene where the routes split


  • A New Journey is the first standalone non-gameplay story segment in the Fire Emblem series that is not an epilogue.
    • There are a few reasons why this interlude segment exists rather than simply having it be part of chapter 8. The primary reason is likely to allow the player to allow a player to use the team they had at the end of chapter 8 in the Link Arena without forcing them to immediately choose between the Lords before they can do so; this also allows the player to take a break or otherwise stop playing before the sheer length of story development this interlude offers, as well as allow a player using an actual handheld system to keep the current status of their system's battery in mind (as well as lessen the amount of story development a player using the GameCube's Game Boy Player would have to replay should the power be interrupted).
  • While most of the fandom believes there is a difference in difficulty between the two split paths, the fandom typically does not agree which path is the easier or the more difficult. Some parts of the fandom take Eirika at her word and believe her route to be easier and Ephraim's tougher, but other parts of the fandom think it to be the other way around (Eirika's path tougher, Ephraim's easier).
  • Contrary to some popular belief, an Easy difficulty file does not simply "become a Normal difficulty file" upon completing this interlude. While the storyline chapters from this point onward do indeed play identically between Easy and Normal (likely how the belief came about), there are some varying nuances in the game's randomized skirmishes, including the Tower of Valni and later the Lagdou Ruins, that do vary between the difficulties; the Runesword trick (a trick designed to allow the player to gain money by selling a valuable randomized drop) is the most notable, in that the Runesword that appears on Normal is instead a more valuable Spear on Easy.
  • This segment's Japanese name is the same as a song from Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem and New Mystery of the Emblem.

Etymology and other languages

Names, etymology and in other regions
Language Name Definition, etymology and notes

A New Journey



A New Departure





Un nouveau voyage

A new journey


Eine neue Reise

A new journey


In viaggio



It's a Trap! A New Journey Distant Blade
Fort Rigwald

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