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FEA Basilio.png
Portrait of Basilio from Awakening.

The capable but slapdash West-Khan of Regna Ferox.






August 13th




West-Khan of Ferox

Starting class


Voiced by

Terasoma Masaki
(Japanese, Awakening)
Patrick Seitz
(US English, Awakening)

Old Basilio will be the very model of manners and good breeding! Er, but I can have SOME mead, right? ... Maybe just a barrel or two?
— Basilio

Basilio (バジーリオ Basilio) is the Khan of West Ferox, and a friend and rival of East-Khan Flavia.

Fire Emblem: Awakening


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Starting stats and growth rates

Playable NM Playable HM Playable LM

Small portrait basilio fe13.png
Level 10
Movement 6
Recruitment: Chapter 23, automatically after defeating Validar.

Stats Growth Rates Stat Modifiers

Inventory Skills
Is 3ds silver axe.png Silver Axe
Is 3ds hammer.png Hammer
Is 3ds silver bow.png Silver Bow
Is 3ds hp +5.png HP +5
Is 3ds zeal.png Zeal
Is 3ds rally strength.png Rally Strength
Weapon Ranks
3DSRankSword.png -- 3DSRankLance.png -- 3DSRankAxe.png A
3DSRankBow.png B 3DSRankTome.png -- 3DSRankStaff.png --

Reclassing options

Small portrait basilio fe13.png
Base classes:*
Barbarian Warrior
Reclass options:
Fighter Warrior
Knight General
Great Knight
Click here for more details on the reclassing system.

Growth rates when reclassed

Fighter/Warrior Barbarian/Berserker Hero Knight General Great Knight

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Luck Def Res
Fighter/Warrior 110% 70% 10% 60% 50% 45% 50% 20%

Promotion stat gains

Fighter Barbarian Knight

Class HP Str Mag Skill Spd Def Res Move Weapon level
Warrior +8 +4 +0 +3 +2 +3 +3 +1 3DSRankBow.png B
Hero +2 +0 +1 +6 +5 +4 +3 +3 3DSRankSword.png E

Skill set

Skill Learned at
Is 3ds hp +5.png HP +5 Fighter, level 1
Is 3ds zeal.png Zeal Fighter, level 10
Is 3ds rally strength.png Rally Strength Warrior, level 5
Is 3ds counter.png Counter Warrior, level 15
Is 3ds sol.png Sol Hero, level 5
Is 3ds axebreaker.png Axebreaker Hero, level 15
Is 3ds despoil.png Despoil Barbarian, level 1
Is 3ds gamble.png Gamble Barbarian, level 10
Is 3ds wrath.png Wrath Berserker, level 5
Is 3ds axefaire.png Axefaire Berserker, level 15
Is 3ds defense +2.png Defense +2 Knight, level 1
Is 3ds indoor fighter.png Indoor Fighter Knight, level 10
Is 3ds rally defense.png Rally Defense General, level 5
Is 3ds pavise.png Pavise General, level 15
Is 3ds luna.png Luna Great Knight, level 5
Is 3ds dual guard+.png Dual Guard+ Great Knight, level 15
The above skill list does not include skills obtained exclusively via DLC.

Personality and character

Though undeniably powerful as expected of a Feroxi khan, Basilio often acts and speaks in a less than serious manner and tends to over-react to many things, positive or negative. This causes some others to ridicule him.


Main article: Basilio/Supports


Intrepid Khan - Basilio
With Grima a done deed, Basilio returned to Ferox and applied himself to dethroning Flavia. If his army of champions failed, he knew he could always wait for little Lucina to grow up (and lend her a mask).

Death quote

Dammit... I was given a second lease on life, and I ain't wastin' it... Sorry, but I'm gone!
— Basilio's retreat quote in Classic Mode
Damn... Pushed my luck to far... Sorry, all, but this oaf must withdraw...
— Basilio's retreat quote in Casual Mode

Battle quotes

Why do these sprogs hang on to money? I sure don't! Ba ha ha! Hell, I drank away every coin I found within the first hour... Still, if they're that beat up over it, I guess I'll help 'em get it back.
— Basilio, in The Golden Gaffe

Other appearances



Etymology and other languages